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Parker Fountain Pens With a history dating back to 1888 Parker Pens have had a lot of time to make the perfect fountain pen.The two most popular Parker pens of today are described below:

Parker Duofold Fountain Pen

Parker Duofold pens were first introduced in 1921 and are one of the most popular parker in production today, it’s the pen on every pen lovers wish list. The Parker Duofold Black Platinum is crafted from solid, velvet black cast acrylic complemented with a rich, white platinum trim. The nib is made from solid 18-Kt two-tone gold and comes standard as a medium size but you can get fine and broad nibs as well.

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen

Parker Sonnet pens are a more modern design from Parker. The pens exude class the combination of a timeless contemporary style and a range of pen sizes makes it one of Parkers most popular pen ranges. The Black and Gold Parker Sonnet is made from the darkest possible, gleaming black lacquer and boasts gold plated appointments giving it a professional look and feel like no other. It comes with a V-shaped, arrow patterned, gold plated stainless steel nib and uses Parker ink cartridges or can be used with a Parker converter and Quink (Parker Ink).

Parker Ink

The ink or so called quink comes in a range of colours including purple, washable blue, blue, red, black and blue black. This ink is widely used across all major brands as some other brands either don t manufacture ink or the ink is hard to locate due to scarce supply.

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